Bioshock Infinite DLC packs announced

Back when Bioshock Infinite launched, Irrational Studios promised there would be DLC packs, and that players could save some dough by bundling them in a season pass. Now we finally have trailers to show for these DLC releases, the first of which is known as Clash in the Clouds and the second being titled Burial at Sea. Clash in the Clouds appears to be a horde mode/endurance mode, not unlike Bioshock 2's Protector Trials, though the Infinite maps seem a bit larger and offer up skylines, vigors, and many of Columbia's strongest foes. Clash in the Clouds is available today for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points.

Burial at Sea appears to be the far more intriguing package, offering up yet another alternate timeline/universe where Booker and Elizabeth existed in Andrew Ryan's city of Rapture. The plot is said to chronicle the events that led to the city's downfall, something that I had hoped they would include as a DLC pack for the previous two Bioshock titles or even make an important plot point (if not the main focus) of a future Bioshock title set in Rapture. Nevertheless, players will finally be able to experience Rapture's decline firsthand, and frankly the presentation of the city and its inhabitants looks better than ever. No release date has currently been announced for Burial at Sea, though Irrational Games states that it is 'coming soon' - considering the decent gap since Infinite's original retail release, I can't imagine they would wait too long past the end of the summer to release this DLC pack.

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