Download sXe Injected 14.0


  • (+) Add: Global Ban.
  • (!) Fix: Counter-Strike 1.5
  • (!) Fix: "m_rawinput 1" for Steam
  • (!) Fix: bugfixing
  • (!) Fix: server-side, fix timeout management

 Global Ban

 Global ban is now fully functional, in the next days it will be configured with all cheats and it will start looking at your game for known modules, processes, drivers, memory signatures, etc.
The list of banned players will be public, in the meanwhile please do not use cheat or your Hardware ID could be banned for a period of time.
 More information will be released soon.

Downloads Client

sXe Injected 14.0 (181.104 downloads)

Downloads Servers

Windows Server (738 downloads)
Linux Server (280 downloads)

Downloads Plugins

AMX LocalBan Plugin 1.1 (23.021 downloads)
AMX ScreenShot Plugin 1.0 (14.562 downloads)

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