Pokémon Black 2 journal - entry five

I cruised through the revamped Victory Road by using a few repels. I found that I didn’t really care to fight a bunch of Gurdurrs during my ascent. As for the actual battles against the members of the Elite Four, they went much more smoothly this time around. There was certainly still a degree of challenge to them, and I hold firm to my belief that the generation five Elite Four is the best rendition of the series’ “final boss gauntlet run”. But I was much more prepared with my team of Serperior, Genesect, Lucario, Zoroark, Glaceon, and Espeon. Whereas Caitlin proved the most difficult to best in White version, with a team that included bug and dark types she was the easiest to beat this time around.

As for the League Champion battle, it was rather interesting. While still intense and challenging, it was also one of the most enjoyable final battles I’ve experienced in a while. The whole fight has an atmosphere of “just plain fun” about it, and after putting an end to the sinister plot that Team Plasma had brewed up, it presents a welcome shift back to the happy overtone the series is known for. But as fun as the endgame was, I still have a fair amount of ground to cover in the post-game. I expect my review for Black version 2/White version 2 to be posted in early November.

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