Wii U price and release date

Yesterday, the price point and release date for the Wii U were finalized. There will be two models debuting on November 18th - the white 8GB system will retail for $299.99, while the black 32GB mocel will retail for $349.99 and will also include a copy of Nintendo Land along with a few different controller stands and cradles. Nintendo has stated that all of the Virtual Console games from the Wii will be transferrable to the Wii U. Also, a new feature highlighted during the big announcement was that of Nintendo TVii, which is a free service that allows users to watch their favorite shows and movies through a variety of services including Hulu, Netflix, Tivo, and On-Demand streams such as ABC.com. Below is a reel of all the major releases that have been announced thus far, and most of these games will be released within the launch window period (between November 2012 to March of 2013).

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