[TF2] Class Damage Modifier

Class Damage Modifier

Modify damage dealt by weapons of specific classes. Plugin idea thread:http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=189624. Credits to Dr. McKay for his snippets for multiplying base damage. This plugins offers a bit more optimization for Team Fortress 2 and makes it easier to raise class's base damage output.

Requires SDKHooks

CVar's (Defaults):

sm_dmgmod_version "1.0.0" ~ Class Damage Modifier Version.

sm_dmgmod_enabled "1" ~ Enable Class Damage Modifier.

sm_dmgmod_admins "0" ~ Damage Increase for Admins Only.

Based of percentage values:

1.0 = %100

sm_dmgmod_scout "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Scouts.

sm_dmgmod_soldier "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Soldiers.

sm_dmgmod_pyro "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Pyros.

sm_dmgmod_demoman "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Demomans.

sm_dmgmod_heavy "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Heavies.

sm_dmgmod_engineer "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Engineers.

sm_dmgmod_medic "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Medics.

sm_dmgmod_sniper "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Snipers.

sm_dmgmod_spy "1.0" ~ Damage Increase for Spies.

CVar Overrides:

"dmgmod_flag" "b" //Required admin flag to benefit from damage mod if set to for admins only.

Version Log:


Version 1.0.0 - 7/9/2012

* Initial Release.

Special Thanks To:

Dr. McKay | His snippets/code for multiplying damage.

See my other plugins.

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