[TF2] Building HP Regain

Building HP Regain

Allows Engineer Buildings to Regain a Set Amount of HP Overtime

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_buildinghp_version "1.2"

Plugin Version

- sm_dispenserhp_amount "3.0"

Amount of HP to Regain for Dispenser

- sm_dispenserhp_time "3.0"

Amount of Time Until Dispenser Regains HP

- sm_sentryhp_amount "3.0"

Amount of HP to Regain for Sentry

- sm_sentryhp_time "3.0"

Amount of Time Until Sentry Regains HP

- sm_teleporterhp_amount "3.0"

Amount of HP to Regain for Teleporter

- sm_teleporterhp_time "3.0"

Amount of Time Until Teleporter Regains HP

To disable a specific building, set the CVars to 0 in the config file.

Config file will be automatically created at cfg\sourcemod\plugin.buildinghpregain.cfg

Please delete any previous config file this plugin has created so everything works properly.

Version Log:


Version 2.0 - 4/19/2012

- Added support for all building instead of just dispensers.

- Changed Main CVar to sm_buildinghp

- Changed Plugin Name of plugin to Building HP Regain from Dispenser HP Regain

- Changed config files.

Version 1.2 - 4/18/2012

- Added ClearTimer stock to reset CVar variables without server restart requirement.

- Changed CVar descriptions.

Version 1.1 - 4/18/2012

- Added Auto-Config

- Proven Working

Version 1.0 - 4/17/2012

- Initial Release

Thanks to:

Myself | Adding CVars and timer(s).

Tylerst | Giving raw code.

TnTSCS | Fixing the errors and helping with timer(s).

See my plugins.

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