Max/16k Money/Cash After X Rounds

Max Money After X Rounds

v. 1.0.0

Features :
  • Gives player (max or not) money upon spawning (rather than round start / end). This saves late-joiners (vs other plugins). (Per default : plugin gives 16k after pistol round).

Why I made this plugin :
  • There are a lot of plugins giving money, however none correctly IMO. In all of them (I believe), none are giving more cash to late joiner. So someone joining server and then a team within 10 seconds after round starts (for example) are put at a disadvantage.

  • Also, there is none letting you choose when to start giving money every rounds (LIONz allows pistol rounds; but you've no choice of it and it lacks the point above).

CVars :
  • maxmoneyafterxroundsversion: Gives version -_-'

  • ----------

  • sm_maxmoney : A which round should the players get extra cash upon spawning ? 0=disable plugin, 1=pistol round, 2=after pistol round (Default).

  • sm_maxmoney_value : How much to add to the player's money per round when he spawns, after <sm_maxmoney> rounds. Default 16000.

  • sm_maxmoney_value_16k : Respect 16k limit (if unsure, let '1') ?

  • sm_maxmoney_verbose : Tell the player when they receive money? 1=Yes, 0=No. Def. 1.


Changelog :
  • 1.0.0 Initial release. (03-04-2012)

Todo list :
  • None at the moment.

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