[CS:S] Taser

5:23 PM
I created this Plugin for my community. The idea is not from me. I never found the original Plugin so i made again. This Plugin ...Read More

Extended Commands

7:23 AM
What it does: Provides an API and modules for administrative functions for your servers (Think advanced commands, but without the necessit...Read More

Bhop script

11:37 AM
This script 100% working //BuNNy-Hop //================================================= alias speed_mod "speed_walk" alias spe...Read More

Block Self Kill

5:23 PM
This is my first working plugin, I hope it's good enough for you guys. Cvars: block_selfkill 0/1 block_selfexplode 0/1 Games test...Read More


3:23 AM
Hi guys i made my 1st ever plugin! It is a cockslap. Yes immature but i think its quite funny :D IF you think this is immature/wrong/inapp...Read More