[TF2] SourceIRC ItemBotLite (Item Relay)

[TF2] SourceIRC ItemBotLite

Version 1.1.0


Announces item transactions (found, traded, crafted, etc) to IRC with item name and quality.


Requires SourceIRC.


ItemBotLite is a version of ItemBot that does not use the now nonfunctional Backpack hook extension. Since without Backpack hook the plugin must hook the item_found event, some features are not longer possible.


sm_reloaditembot - Reloads configs

IRC Commands:

backpack or bp: Returns a TF2B backpack link for a user


  • bp "Player on server"

  • bp STEAM_0:1:123456

  • bp CustomSteamURL


  • sm_itembot_version - Plugin Version

  • sm_itembot_debug "0" - Set to "1" to print name debugging info.

  • sm_itembot_timestamp "1" - Show/hide item timestamps

  • sm_itembot_showsteams "1" - Show steamids when players disconnect (for looking at backpacks later)

  • sm_itembot_timeoffset - number of seconds to correct server clock by

Install Instructions:

  1. Place ItemBot.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

  2. Place ItemBot_Items.kv in addons/sourcemod/configs/.

  3. Edit your sourceirc.cfg and add "items" "1" to the channels where you want to see items.

  4. Edit the cvars in the ItemBot.cfg file.

This file does not need to be edited except to add any new items Valve may add in the future.

It is a direct copy-paste of the (item) related bits in items_game.txt

sourceirc.cfg Example:




                "relay"            "1" // Tell the RelayAll module to relay messages to this channel

                "cmd_prefix"    "!" // Ontop of calling the bot by name, you can also use "!" in this channel

                "items"            "1"




                "ticket"        "1" // Tell the ticket module to send tickets to this channel

                "items"            "1"  // Prints all items to this channel




                "items"            "1"  // Prints all items to this channel


Version History:

  • V1.1.0
    • Initial release

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