[TF2] Boss Battles 1.0

What it does:

Lets your players have boss battles! (one guy versus rest of server, the one guy has loads of health)

If you've ever played VS Saxton Hale Mode, it's actually exactly like it, except it can be used on any map, the boss can choose their class and use their normal weapons, and the rest of the server has infinite respawning.

Also, it's not automatic and requires admin supervision at the moment. It isn't an install-it-and-leave plugin like VSH. Although it is very easy to manage, handling pretty much everything except starting the battle by itself (unless the boss quits the server)

One more difference between this and VSH is that because the rest of the server can respawn, the boss can't really win. So instead of just having the bosses continuously lose for no purpose, there's a record for amount of kills without dying that each boss can aim to beat. (Record reset upon server/plugin reload)


  • At least one admin with half of a brain (and the slay flag)

  • That's it.


  • A semi-wide map like cp_orange_x3

  • Capture Toggle to disable capping

  • Fast respawn (mp_disable_respawn_times 1)

Bonus Features:

  • The boss can see:
    • Their actual health (TF2 health meter is bugged at >4095 HP)

    • How many kills they've gotten

    • Health lost since their last kill

  • Redirects everyone else to RED team and locks them there

  • Boss gets [pretty much] infinite offhand ammo

  • Plays Half-Life and TF2 songs (some of them are very fitting for boss battles)

  • The ability to determine the next boss easily by starting a typing showdown (see below)

  • Spies are not allowed to use their knives.

  • Spy bosses can, but they cannot cloak.


  • sm_boss <target> - Makes someone a boss and starts the boss battle!

  • sm_stopboss - Stops the current boss battle.

  • sm_stopbossmusic - Only stops the current music that the plugin is playing.

  • sm_bossmusic [song #] - Plays a specific song (blank for random) When a song is randomly picked, its ID is sent through admin chat so admins know which songs are which.

  • sm_bossshowdown <text (no quotes needed)> - The text you put will appear on everyone's screens--first one to type it out in chat gets to be the next boss!

Known issues:

  • Bosses constantly lose health (because they are given lots and lots of overheal)

  • If a Pyro boss gets a kill with the Powerjack, their health will be reset to 260 HP.

  • Bosses get unlimited amounts of potentially annoying/unbalanced weapons (Sandvich, Jarate, Mad Milk, etc.)


  • Double boss support - Back when Boss Battles was just a few simple scripts, our players loved being bosses at the same time as their friends

  • Cvar to change boss health

  • Confirmation "Are you ready to be the boss?" so admins don't have to

  • Players win by doing most damage, not last damage

  • Disabling overheal decay? It does kinda work in a good way, since Heavies can get kills fast but will also lose HP fast

  • Currently, bosses are given +250 HP on round start to deal with this, it is immediately taken away if they get a kill before it drains

  • "!bosshp" command--once players win by most damage. Or else players won't try to kill the boss unless his HP is low.

  • Let bosses know when they've beaten the record for kills

  • Allow knives, backstabs do ~10% of HP(?)

  • Apply similar damage (~10%) to taunt kills, telefrags, etc.

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