Pyro's jetPack The Fury

Hi all well this is my first plugin so bear with me lol.

I was looking for a jetpack for this other thing i am working on right now and came across this was unfinished so i grab it and got it to work.

I got it from here

The model that came with it came from here

myself i didn't care for the bubble on the head so i made one with out it to,

I made a couple of small vid's of them both. here are the links to see them working.

and this one will show you what hat to use for what one.

here are the convars

Enable, ConVar = (thefury_toggle) 1, Enable/Disable

BurnEnemy, ConVar = (thefury_burn) 1, Burn enemy when hit Jet Pack's flame

BurnEnemy2, ConVar = (thefury_explode) 1

JetPackUp, ConVar = (thefury_up_mag) Up velocity magnification

JetPackUpward, ConVar = (thefury_upward_mag) Uward velocity magnification

JetPackFall, ConVar = (thefury_fall_mag) Fall velocity magnification

JetPackFrwd, ConVar = (thefury_frwd_mag) Forward velocity magnification


server cvar for players to turn it off and on is (!jetpack)

injoy :) and have fun with it.

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