[L4D2] Riot Cop (and Fallen Survivor) Head Shot (Version 1.0, 2012 Jan 6)

I hate Riot Cops. They are way too hard to kill. No puny plastic face mask is going to stop a bullet. And armor is not invincible, so emptying a whole clip or two should bring him down. With help from Mr. Zero and McFlurry, I was able to solve this problem. It was also suggested to add Fallen Survivors to this plugin, since they have an obnoxious amount of health.


- Head shots can kill riot cops from the front (4x damage)

- Body shots do a fraction of original damage to riot cops from the front (configurable)

- Head shots to fallen survivors do much more damage (configurable)


sm_riotcopheadshot_enable - default 1 - Enables this plugin

sm_riotcopheadshot_riotheadenable - default 1 - Enable head shots against riot cops

sm_riotcopheadshot_riotbodydivisor - default 40.0 - How much to divide riot cop body shot damage by (0 will disable)

sm_riotcopheadshot_fallenheadmultiplier - default 12.0 - How much to multiply fallen head shots by (0 will disable)

sm_riotcopheadshot_debug - default 0 - Print debug output to chat


I took some time to select the defaults carefully so that this is balanced instead of completely nerfing these uncommons

If enabled, head shots will always kill riot cops, no matter what weapon, by virtue of doing 4x damage.

For body shots, it takes about one full clip of a tier 2 or a shotgun, and about two clips of an smg. This makes the riot cops much tougher than common infected, but not impossible.

For fallen survivors, it seems as if the health is variable. However, in testing with the default it took about 1-4 head shots with an smg and about 1-2 head shots with a tier 2 to bring down a fallen. Body damage is unaffected.


This plugin requires SDKHooks! I used 2.1, but it might work with 2.0 (the version that introduced the TakeDamage native)

To install, download the smx (SDKHooks prevents the web compiler from working)

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