[L4D] Survivor Upgrades Reloaded

[L4D] Survivor Upgrades Reloaded

Survivor Upgrades returns, now with new upgrades within game-code.

Author(s): Marcus101RR, Whosat & Jerrith

Game Type: Left 4 Dead

Game Version:

Plugin Version: 0.9.1 Beta


The following plugin is in its Beta Stage, your server may be at risk of crashing unexpectedly due to NetProps not accepting the new Upgrade Bit Flags. Download Discretion Is Advised.


Survivor Upgrades Reloaded brings back the original upgrades from Valve's Incomplete Designed Configuration Variable. Now also, includes even more upgrades found within the hidden code of Left 4 Dead! Introducing the new Upgrades: Ammo Backpack, Smoker Neutralizer, Marathon, Suppressor Silencer, Sniper Scope, Sniper Scope (Accuracy Increase)


Why is this "Reloaded"? The answer to this question is simple: The plugin no longer uses SDKCall or SDKHooks to obtain the upgrades. The Upgrades are originally stored in a NetProp data for each client, thus making it alot easier to store the upgrades there. However, due to network issues, they cannot be stored during map transitions.

Original & KrX Version

What is so different between the Original Release and KrX Version? There is a big difference, beginning with the fact that no longer SDK is being used to initialize the upgrades. You can now store, keep, and add upgrades using the simple of methods via NetProps. In addition, 6 New Upgrades, with the loss of 1 Non-Existing Upgrade (Incendiary Ammo) have been added to the this version.

The original version was simplified and update by Whosat , which added additional features and cleaner representation of the upgrades. Do not forget, neither of the remaining plugins for Survivor Upgrades is supported by the Authors, and none of the user-base have attempted to support it in their own terms as the coding is not theirs and may be hard to re-establish.

Survivor Upgrades Database
  • Ammo Backpack (Increased Ammunition Reserve)(New)

  • Boomer Neutralizer (Boomer Special Attack)

  • Smoker Neutralizer (Smoker Special Attack)(New)

  • Climbing Chalk (Self-Ledge Save)

  • Second Wind (Self-Revive Save)

  • Goggles (See-Through Boomer Vomit)

  • Marathon (Unlimited Sprint Boost)(New)

  • Hot Meal (Increased Maximum Health)

  • Laser Sight (Increased Accuracy)

  • Suppressor Silencer (Silenced Gunfire)(New)

  • Combat Sling (Reduced Recoil)

  • High Capacity Magazine (Extended Magazine)

  • Hollow Point Ammunition (Increased Bullet Damage)

  • Sniper Scope (Sniper Zoom Attachment)(New)

  • Sniper Scope (Increased Zoom Accuracy)(New)

  • Knife (Self-Save Pinned)

  • Smelling Salts (Quick Revive)

  • Ointment (Increased Heal Effect)

  • Slight of Hand (Quick Reload Boost)

Survivor Upgrade Types

The Survivor Upgrades come in 2-Types (Constants & Recharge), rather than just all being Permanent. All Upgrades do, by coding of the original game, remain intact and permanent to the survivor who obtains them. To simplify the this in ease terms, certain upgrades can be used by pressing the Fire Button, while others will Negate/Neutralize an event during gameplay per so-called recharge. Though the recharge time is currently unknown, estimates are raised to 2-4 Minutes Per Use. This includes, but is limited to:
  • Boomer Neutralizer (Boomer Special Attack)

  • Smoker Neutralizer (Smoker Special Attack)(New)

  • Climbing Chalk (Self-Ledge Save)

  • Second Wind (Self-Revive Save)

  • Knife (Self-Save Pinned)

Configuration File, Variables, & Save System

You can enable, disable, change, and save data as you wish to customize the plugins features just as you were able to do so in the original one. However, the plugin will be closely functional to the original intend of the developers as to what users are use to from previous versions.

To Be Announced & Planned
  • Save System

  • Lose Upgrades Upon Death (With Configurations)

  • Enable/Disable Specific Type Upgrades

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