[DoD:S] Team switcher on dod_jagd

Introduction: Plugin switch teams at round start on dod_jagd. Plugin switching teams in the same way as done on gravelpit in TF2.

Its almost the same as [DODS] Swap Teams at Round End plugin by strontiumdog, but this is much easier and only for dod_jagd map, just install and play. No need to setup anything :)

Installation details:

Put jagdswitcher.smx to dod/addons/sourcemod/plugins folder

jagdswitcher.sp to dod/addons/sourcemod/scripting folder

Special thanks to:

strontiumdog for original plugin


2012-01-21 (v1.0)

* Initial release.

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Orignal From: [DoD:S] Team switcher on dod_jagd

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