[CS:S] wS_Predator v1.2

wS_Predator v1.2

Each round in one of the teams (in turn) is selected by a player with the most kills - he is a predator and gets all his benefits. When the predator is selected, all will see a notification in the chat. Predator is available a special menu (!predator, /predator, predator). You can adjust the speed of the predator and health. There are sound and beam effects. A predator has the ability to regenerate hp (1hp/sec).

- In the predator may be only a knife, deagle, Scout and Bomb (c4)

- Buy/Drop/Pickup weapons prohibited

- Added laser (can be on/off via the menu)

- You can on/off invisibility

- Self-destruction - takes away from nearby enemies for 25 hp with good effect, and sounds

- Bot can not be a predator

- Predator can be selected only if both teams have players and if the player kills > 0

- The predator will sometimes publish sounds, and will blink (Invisibility +/-)


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- 2

- 3

Latest version HERE

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