[CS:S] MGspawn [1.0.1] || Respawn players killed by world or props

[CS:S] MGspawn [1.0.1]

Updated [08/01/2012]



This plugin is aimed at mini-games servers. It is designed to respawn

players killed by world or props. This saves them going to spec and back

to the team to respawn. This plugin is enabled for maps which have only

one team spawn (either ct or t but not both // can be disabled with cvar)

The specific map i had in mind when developing this plugin was mg_saw,

im not sure what this style of mg maps are refereed to but if there are

more checks needed before enabling the plugin on these maps i will gladly

add them in

This does not respawn players that are killed by other players at any time



sm_mgspawn_enable <1/0> // Enable mgspawn. [0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE]

sm_mgspawn_delay <0.1> // Set respawn delay

sm_mgspawn_spawnpoints <1/0> // Set to 0 to enable for all maps or set to 1 to only enable when there are one team spawn points set



No requests/plans at the moment




Initial Release


Added version cvar

Added auto created config file

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