[CS:S] BullFight mod (with Bullfighting maps and sounds)


Original Mod of bullfighting for CS:S, based in traditions of my country Spain.

What is bullfighting? this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullfighting


SDK Hooks


sm_bullfightmod_enable 1 - Enables/disables all features of the plugin.

sm_bf_noblock_enable 1 - Enable or disable integrated removing of player vs player collisions (noblock): 0 - disable, 1 - enable


!rules - show rules menu of this mod

!mugido - only ts for muu sound

!torero - enable/disable ambient sound (for client)

Plugin funtions:

-Ts cant hurt CTs with knife (only can with their horns)

-Two ambient sounds (traditional in Spain)

-Sound moo for bulls.

-Disarm Ts to ensure that they caught the bull knife

-Give to Ts more velocity that CTs

-Show rules menu

-The bulls cant hurt among themselves

-Ts only can pick weapon knife (bull knife)

-More gravity for Ts so they can not jump

Current server tester (thanks to www.clanceo.com):


Bullfightmod downloads:

Sounds: http://clanceo.com/bullfightmod/sound/

Maps: http://clanceo.com/bullfightmod/maps/

map prefix:

bf_ = bull arena

be_ = bull escape


PosTi™91 - creator of the first bullfighting map (bullfight_el_puerto)

Xilver266 - bullfighting mapper and he brought the sounds of muu

Psicho - bullfighting mapper

Dark Arrow - bullfighting mapper

Pyyk - bullfighting mapper

Trankimazin - bullfighting mapper

Clan Los Sementalistas - first testers

Clan cta - second testers

Clan CEO - Current testers

Carmack - Helped me with some commands in earlier versions of the plugin (private versions in EventScripts)

Franc1sco Franug (myself) - programmer and promoter of this mod

More info of the creation of bullfightmod (but in spanish): http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bul...82305016993063


Olé: If you do something nice to the bull.

Toro: Bull.

Eh toro!: If you want that they see you.

Have fun!

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