[ANY] Thirdperson

[ANY] Thirdperson



I've seen this on a lot of servers, but never found it here. So here it is. Allows users to type !thirdperson to go into thirdperson mode. This will send the client sv_cheats 1, which allows them to use r_drawothermodels 2 and other client-side cheats. This is mainly written for trade servers where this is not a problem.


sm_thirdperson - sends a client into thirdperson mode

sm_firstperson - sends a client into firstperson mode


sm_thirdperson_version - plugin version


Put thirdperson.smx into /addons/sourcemod/plugins and reboot your server or type "sm plugins load thirdperson" into your console or rcon.

Auto Update:

Install Updater. The plugin will be autoupdated according to your Updater settings. It'll work without Updater.

  • v1.0.0 (1/4/12)
    • Initial release

Download Plugin (thirdperson.smx)

Download Source (thirdperson.sp) (right click > save as...)

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