[ANY] tAutoMapDecompression v0.0.1 (2012-01-11)


This plugin gives you a command to decompress all .bsp.bz2 files in your maps folder to avoid unnecessary traffic when you want to upload new maps to your server.


You'll need the bzip2 extension. To compile this yourself, you'll also need the extensions include file.

How to:

1. Get the bz2 compressed version of it or bzip it yourself.

2. Upload it to your maps folder. Repeat 1+2 until you've uploaded all maps.

3. Execute sm_decompressmaps to start the process.

I've got a question:

Why did you implement the sm_compress command?

a) For historic reasons, this was my test plugin while developing the extension.

b) It skips all default maps (as long as you didn't twiddle with your maplist.txt) and therefore allows server admins to make sure all custom maps are available as .bz2 version. Iirc those are being used whether you are using sv_downloadurl or not. If you indeed are using a fast download server, make sure the bz2 versions on your gameserver and your fast download server are the same.


Allow uploading of the bz2 version to your fast download ftp server. This will be handled by a different plugin i guess. Don't know yet. Just an idea.

This plugins is part of the bzip2 extension and can be found in its repository here.

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