[ANY] Solitaire (Version 1.0)


A solitaire card game simulation.

While it may sound stupid to play a card game in a FPS game, it's still good enough to waste time while dead.

Players may type !solitaire (sm_solitaire) in chat to open the main menu and start playing a new game, resuming their previous one or watch the top 10.

You move the cursors with your movement keys (w, s, a, d) and select cards with the +use key (e). Instead of always switching back to the stock to put a new card to the waste, you're able to press jump (spacebar) as a shortcut.

Press "0" to pause the game.

When you selected one card, you see a second pair of cursors appearing to choose the place where to put the selected card(s).

The goal is to move all cards to the foundation - ordered from ace to king. Read up on the rules, if you don't know the game :)


  1. Upload the solitaire.smx into you sourcemod/plugins folder.

  2. Edit your databases.cfg and add a "solitaire" section to save the highscores in. If you don't add anything, highscores will be stored in sourcemod's default "storage-local" sqlite database.
    1. SQLite:




              "driver"            "sqlite"

              "database"            "solitaire"


    2. MySQL:




              "driver"            "mysql"

              "host"                "localhost"

              "database"            "solitaire"

              "user"                "youruser"

              "pass"                "yourpass"

              //"timeout"            "0"

              "port"            "3306"


    3. If you use mysql, execute this query to create the table:

      PHP Code:

      CREATE TABLE `solitaire_players` (
      steamidVARCHAR64 NOT NULL,
      nameVARCHAR64 NOT NULL,
      scoreINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      timeINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      PRIMARY KEY ( `steamid` )
      ENGINE InnoDB CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci

Known issues:

Some users' machines are unable to display UTF-8 chars ingame, so they won't be able to play this game as they will only see messy squares instead of the card colors. It's clientside and i don't know how to fix that ;)

Thanks to:

  • berni/Chanz for their fabulous smlib

Did you see...:

Note: This plugin won't compile on the forum due to it's custom include. Use the provided .smx or compile yourself.

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