Yet another gore mod: GoreX

Do you remember back in the days when there was a gore mod from c0ldfyr3? Shit load of blood squirts everywhere.. are you sick of DiscoBBQ's mod that uses ugly particles and makes blood squirt even when there's no more ragdolls present on the screen? I present you, GoreX.

With three controllable cvars:

- gorex_amount (20) Amount of blood drawn on the screen when a player takes any kind of damage;

- gorex_gib (1) Headshot kills will result in player's body to explode and spawn bones such as skull, scapula, and so on;

- gorex_ignite (1) A players body will get caught on fire if he dies by a grenade.

Surely c0ld's mod had a lot of features, but I'm willing to work on any suggested idea.




- Released on AlliedModders

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