The player can set on the map beams. If an enemy touches them, he will be instantly killed. If the owner touches it, he can remove the beam and return the money. If friend touch it, then nothing will.


// How much does the beam (up to 16000. If 0, free)

wS_BeamPrice "2500"

// How many times a player can set the beam in a round

wS_BeamLimit "3"

// Remove the beam, which has killed an enemy? 1 = yes, 0 = no

wS_BeamKkill "1"

To create a beam:

1. Select 1 in menu (start point of the beam)

2. Select 2 in menu (end point of the beam)

3. Create a beam (red - T, blue - CT)

Menu: beam in console or !beam or /beam in chat

Last Version always HERE


version 1.1

- Teammates can remove the beam (corrected)

- Message in the early rounds of the existing command 'beam' (sometimes)

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