[TF2] No Fall Damage

[TF2] No Fall Damage

Version 1.0

Enable / disable fall damage for yourself or other players
- SDKHooks
  • console: sm_nofall <client> <1/0> OR sm_nofall (give yourself)

  • in chat: /nofall <client> <1/0> OR /nofall (give yourself)

  • in chat: !nofall <client> <1/0> OR !nofall (give yourself)

sm_nofall - Toggles fall damage on the admin running the command

sm_nofall @all 1 - Turns off fall damage for all players

sm_nofall @all 0 - Turns on fall damage for all players
sm_nofall_version - Plugin Version

Note: The default admin level for the commands is "slay", but the admin level for targeting other players is "ban".

This is for if you want all admins to have sm_nofall access, but only higher level admins to be able to target other players.

Install Instructions:
  1. Place nofall.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

  • 1.0 (2011. Dec. 13.)

    - First release


- The SMX compiled under 1.4.1-dev

- You need to download the .sp file, if you want to compile it

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