Pretty much exactly what the plugin description says!

Currently it is COMPLETELY pointless, as I haven't gone through the trouble to finish adding commands, such as one that more automatically handles adding commands, or ones that makes it so that each chat message is automatically written to the file.

Currently I don't really recommend using this plugin, I'm more publishing it as proof-of-concept, as well as looking for comments and suggestions (beyond the obvious stupid, writing it at 5 AM use of variables).

I admit that there is very little point to actually using this plugin at all, but sometimes an idea strikes, and...well, sometimes you just have to write such things!


System2 extension (

Example use:


sm_newfile herp

sm_writeline public OnPluginStart(){

sm_writeline PrintToChatAll("Herp Plugin Loaded!");

sm_writeline }


would output:


/* Plugin Template built by Ingame Editor! */

#include <sourcemod>

public Plugin:myinfo =


    name = "herp",

    author = "=(eG)=™Necavi",

    description = "Made using Ingame Editor!",

    version = "0.1",

    url = ""


public OnPluginStart(){

PrintToChatAll("Herp Plugin Loaded!");


Addendum: I'm aware that there may be issues with player's names using this system, I'll deal with that at a later date though.

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