[L4D2] Health Glows (1.0.0, 15/12-2011)

Health Glows


A much requested plugin by many player and owners from my community server.

Its simple yet useful for servers with increased survivors.

I always said I had no intention of releasing it. Not because I want to keep the code a secret (please its like 300 lines or less and I have posted many, many times on how to do it yourself) but rather because it was "not up to code" if you pardon the pun, with the rules around here.

However it is Christmas only once a year so what the hell. I spend a few mins to clean up the code so everybody could enjoy it :3

Straight forward plugin, it uses the glow functions from L4D2 in order to show the other survivors what your current health by the color of your glow.

By default its green glow for more than 40 hp, yellow for more than 25 hp, red for 25 or less hp and white glow for survivors that are black and white.


Gives the Survivors a health glow around them.

Known Problems / Things to Notice:

  • To change the colors of the glows or their type, you will have to recompile. I could have put cvars for each and every glow state, type, color, flashing, range and min range but that would mean the plugin would produce around 30 or so cvars to do something as simple as displaying glows.

    I felt it was a bit unnecessary so instead they are easy to edit in the source file. Open the healthglow.sp source file and you will find in the top all of the defines required to change the glow color and so on.

  • L4DStocks is required if you wish to compile a version yourself. You can get it here.



Version 1.0.0 - 15/12-2011

Initial release

The ZIP file is for the source of the plugin, not required for running the plugin.

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