[CS:S] Jail Awards with credits system

Curent Version: 1.0 public release


You can buy awards in jail with a credits system. Kill players for win credits.


SDK Hooks


awards_credits_max 100 - max of credits allowed (0: No limit)

awards_credits_kill 1 - credits for kill

ammo_interval 5 - How often to reset ammo for the price "Infinite ammo" (in seconds).


sm_awards - open the awards menu

sm_credits - view your current credits

sm_revive - you can revive with credits

sm_medic - you can heal with credits

sm_setcredits <#userid|name> [amount] - admin command (ROOT) for set credits in players

Awards list:

Be invisible - 10 Credits

Buy AWP - 9 Credits

Becoming a barrel - 8 Credits

INMORTAL 20 seconds - 7 Credits

Infinite ammo - 6 Credits

More speed - 5 Credits

Becoming BIRD - 5 Credits

Have 200 HP - 4 Credits

Buy USP pistol - 2 Credits

Buy Flashbang - 1 Credits

Healing - 1 Credits

Buy knife - 1 Credits


Infinite ammo by http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=107900

Based in my ES plugin "Sistema de Creditos": http://addons.eventscripts.com/addon...ma_de_creditos

This plugin you can find it in Spanish here (Este plugin lo puedes encontrar en espaƱol aqui): http://servers-cfg.foroactivo.com/t2...anc1sco-franug

Note: this is a reduced version of the plugin of my jail server :3

Notice: Soon I will publish more of my private plugins before I retire after Christmas.

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