[CS:S] Cs 1.6 HnS Style

Curent Version: Beta 2.3


Hide And Seek of cs 1.6 style for SourceMod


SDK Hooks

[CS:S] Flashbang Tools


hns_greneffect_trails 1 - Enables/Disables Grenade Trails

hns_greneffect_smoke_freeze 1 -Enables/Disables a smoke grenade to be a freeze grenade

hns_greneffect_smoke_freeze_distance 600.0 - Freeze grenade distance

hns_greneffect_smoke_freeze_duration 7.0 - Freeze grenade duration in seconds


-freeze grenades

-Ts cant damage CTs

-Cts blinded and cant move the first 10 secons of the round

-Cant pick weapons

-CTs only have knife

-Ts start with knife, 2 flashbang and 1 smokegrenade

-Ts can blind Ts with flshbang

-If CTs win the teams are exchanged

-last 180 seconds the team CT die if not killed all the Ts


Code of freeze grenades by http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=159579

Note: Beta version then report bugs you find

Note2: sorry for my bad english, soon I will correct the mistakes...

Notice: Soon I will publish more of my private plugins before I retire after Christmas.

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