[CSS] Aura

Hi all,

Finally I've decided to released this plugin Aura (Little beacon) under player


What is AURA ?

You have aura (little beacon) under you permanently. Each round this aura will setup automatic.

Admin Command (in console):

glow_toggle stop / start your aura!


Upload aura.smx to sourcemod/plugins/*HERE*

Upload folder aura to sourcemod/configs/*HERE*

In steamid.txt (it found in folder "Aura")

Code :

per example


//Copy Steam ID

//Replace it on values(only R G B and HP dont touch A)



        "STEAM_0:1:14096649" // From Schwarz 'steamid


                "r"                "191"

                "g"                "62"

                "B"                "255"

                "A"                "255"

                "hp"                "50"  // Schwarz pick color pink :P




                "r"                "0"

                "g"                "127"

                "B"                "255"

                "A"                "255"

                "hp"                "50"



You can to edit this steamid.txt , You need to modifiy your steamid , Oh of course You can too edit in color r,g,b , then well you can to set your hp .

Per example I set it 50 , In game I got 150 HP!

Look it color R,G,B

I didn't made this plugin full version but I found this plugin private ,since my friend Russian made it him own idea but I don t know who is he .... He given me this plugin.

Please do not critique me because I 've posted this first time :p

www.extreme-network.net , thanks

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