[ANY] Web Shortcuts (Redux)

I'm perfectly happy with the existing Web Shortcuts, this is useless! :twisted:

Sounds like you've been lucky. Anyways, there are a lot more replacements in this. As well to this, in theory, it should be faster.

Cool! I'll just throw my old file in there and load this!

Whoa stop right there! The format has changed significantly! See the second post for examples.

What kind of keywords can I use for specifying options for each chat hook?

Good question! Here's a list of the current ones








Big doesn't work for me. How come?!

Big, as far as I know, works in TF2 only. So it's been masked to only function in TF2 and not do anything otherwise.

With the old Webshortcuts if I typed GoOGlE when I specified google in the file it would still work. Why doesn't it work with this?!

Well, Tries don't work that way sadly. Instead of taking the 'slow' route, comparing each string at a time. I figured ease of use and storage for new features would trump that.

When using Pointer I specify it last and the hook doesn't work, what's going on?

See the second post for examples. This usage is invalid as you cannot join tries, sadly. Pointer can however allow you to change data in another block. At the moment this shouldn't really be used.

I've found an error.

Oh boy, that's not good at all! Be sure to post it in the thread and to include the relevant blocks/sections so we can figure out what's going on. This alone shouldn't error out, so without provided sections, who knows what's going on!

I want to request a feature!

See I've found an error, same sort of concept. Use blocks to show what you mean so I can get the implementation right.


  • Psychonic -Using his replacements from Dynamic MOTD.

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