[ANY] Weather Effect v1.3


Adds weather effect with a background sound


Sound Info Library 0.9 beta - Install it only if you want to use a background sound.



// The level of density

sm_weathereffect_density "75.0"

// Sets a lightstyle. Leave empty to disable. m-normal|a-the most darkness|z-the most brightness

sm_weathereffect_lightstyle ""

// Sets a skybox relative to the materials/skybox folder. Leave it empty to disable

sm_weathereffect_skybox ""

// Path to the background sound. Leave it empty to disable. (Requires soundlib https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=105816)

sm_weathereffect_sound ""

// The background sound volume

sm_weathereffect_volume "0.8"

// Which weather effect to add. -1-Disable|0-Rain|1-Snow|2-Ash|3-Snowfall|4-Particle Rain|5-Particle Ash|6-Particle Rain Storm

sm_weathereffect_type "-1.0"


There is an example config file in the archive of the rainy weather on the de_dust2 (cfg/sourcemod/weather_effect/de_dust2.cfg)

Per map config:

Create folder weather_effect in the cfg/sourcemod/ and there create config file map name.cfg and configure it.

For prefix map name, just create config file prefix_.cfg in the same folder (For example: de_.cfg)


The lightstyle and the skybox sets only once at map start to avoid bugs. Other configs can be changed at any time.

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