[ANY] Team Vote Config Loader (TVC) ver. 0.1.6


(TVC) Team Vote Config Loader


This plugin is made to start some configs after the both team vote. One team suggests config, and the other confirms it. No admins needed. Simple and easy.

To suggest a config a member of one of the team prints:

!cplay <SuperHardConfig>

Any player of the other team can confirm the config by one of the commands:



!cplay <SuperHardConfig>

Or suggests their own variant:

!cplay <OtherSuperHardConfig>

Server admins can force a config by:

!forceplay <SuperHardConfig>

Then a server starts the config after delay by mask:



Prefix and delay are configurable through CVAR.


There are number of configs at L4D1 server with Rotoblin plugin:






Then, the prefix will be:

sm_tvc_prefix "rotoblin_hardcore"

To suggest a config you need to type in chat one of the variants:

!cplay 4v4

!cplay 2v2

!cplay 4v4_hunters

!cplay 2v2_hunters

Also you can use !cfg or !load.

A player of the other team just types:


And one of rotoblin_hardcore_*.cfg configs will be started after the delay sm_tvc_exec_delay (usually 3 seconds).

Generally the plugin is made for L4D1 Rotoblin competition configs as there is no other way to start a match as from admin menu, or by !execcfg or by comp_loader plugin. Comp Loader is not approved and has no source code and it can't start other configs except of files with 4v4, 2v2 and so on file mask.

Feature list
  • Number of configs can be created by prefix

  • Administration rights are not needed to vote for a config

  • Admin can force a config by simple command

  • Number of aliases availiable for !cplay - !cfg, !load

CVAR's List


// ConVars for plugin "teamvoteconfig.smx"

// Disable Comp Loader plugin and enable !load command through TVC.

// -

// Default: "1"

sm_tvc_comploader_disable "1"

// Delay to start voted config.

// -

// Default: "3.0"

sm_tvc_exec_delay "3.0"

// Prefix of config which will be added to its name.

// -

// Default: ""

sm_tvc_prefix ""

Command referense

!cplay ( or !cfg or !load) - Offer to play a config

!confirm - Confirm suggested config

!forceplay - Admin command to force of starting a config (need 'config' flag)

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