[ANY] Run this thing!

Run This Thing 1.0


Run command to server in specifed time


sm_run_thing_version - Version of plugin

sm_run_thing - Enable/Disable(1/0) plugin


  • Version 1.0 (29.12.2011)
    • Initial/Public Release


  • Put run_this_thing.smx to sourcemod/plugins

  • Put run_this_thing.sp to sourcemod/scripting

  • Put thing_commands.txt to sourcemod/configs

In .zip you find sample of thing_commands.txt

Wait for change map or write in rcon - sm plugins load run_this_thing

Sorry for my bad english:]

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run_this_thing.zip (7.2 KB)

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Get Plugin or
Get Source (run_this_thing.sp - 3.6 KB)

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things_commands.txt (517 Bytes)

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