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I promised i would release this for everyone today. Some of you may know my more powerful hats plugin but this is a rewrite from scratch for all you guys who were asking for this.


-Ability to add custom hats

-Ability to restrict a hat for specific flags

-Checks whether the model supports hats

-Works with databomb's ToggleEffects (it's optional) :3

Upcoming features:

-Ability to create categories like glasses, hats, moustaches, etc.

-A way to detect when someone's model changed and remove the hat if the new model doesnt support them (no forward bone)

-Ability to set position of the hats for every model individually

-A few natives for other plugins

-Hats based on date (for example for holidays)

-Random option in the menu

How to add new stuff:


    "HAT NAME"


            "model"        "MODEL PATH RELATIVE TO CSTRIKE"

            "position"    "<x> <y> <z>"

            "angles"    "<pitch> <yaw> <roll>"

            "flag"  "LEAVE THIS BLANK TO MAKE IT PUBLIC"


Where to get hats:

The example config has about 30 hats. You can get the models from here:


Also you can find awesome hats on http://garrysmod.org.


-sm_hats.sp goes to scripting

-sm_hats.smx goes to plugins

-hats.txt goes to configs

-hats.gamedata.txt goes to gamedata

What about downloads table?

Use SM File/Folder Downloader and Precacher because it's awesome and it's way more nicer to have all your downloads handled by only one plugin.



1.0.2 - Fixed a small bug again

1.0.1 - Fixed a small bug

1.0.0 -Initial release

Two updates on the first day?

Is there anything else?

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