[TF2] MakeMeInvisible! (v1.0.0, 11-12-2011)

[TF2] MakeMeInvisible!


Credits to pheadxdll's Roll the Dice for invisibility code and DarthNinja's Fake Gifts for toggling code


You can make people invisible or visible. Very handy for trolling and generally getting people to ragequit.

  • sm_makemeinvis [player] - Toggles invisibility on target player. If player is not specified, the client's invisibility is toggled. You need the CHEATS flag to use this, or you can run from the console.

  • sm_makemeinvis_version - Plugin version

  • sm_makemeinvis_broadcast - Who is notified when invisibility is toggled (0 = admin, 1 = admin and target (default), 2 = all players)

Installation Directions:
  1. Place makemeinvisible.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder

  2. ???

  3. Profit

To-Do List
  • N/A


  • v1.0.0 (11-12-2011)
    • Initial release.

By the way, this is my first plugin, so if I did anything wrong/strangely, don't hesitate to tell me.

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