[REQ] ZP Web!

Hi, i came to idea to make all the things we need web/server side.

Achievements: The achievements will be logged into your username that you have made in web panel and that you will have to login in web or in server with /login command. The achievements player achievements are stored in mysql. And can be viewed in web panel or ingame with command /status

Bank and shop: Well the ammopacks will also be stored in mysql and same username in webpanel. The Ammopacks can be showed with /status again or in webpanel.

The Gender: If you will be a male, you will have male skins ingame for zombies and humans, if you will be female, you will have also female skins.

Shop: You can buy stuff in shop for days or something so you wont have to bother yourself ingame with the menues.


Orignal From: [REQ] ZP Web!

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