[REQ] Deathrun Frag /award sistem,gamble

Can someone combine frag & gamble sistems that actually work

Deathrun shop 4.0 is great but i want less stuff to chose and i want it to be in frags not in points

ok so when you type (only ct's) /award or /awards or just award you get something like this

and in the corner i would like it to say

every kill should get you 3 frags as ct , as terrorist if you manage to kill the ct's at the end with knife you should get 10 frags and if you just kill them with obstacles you get 5 ( hope you understand me :D )

and plugin allso needs to remember your frags so you don't lose them when you leave the server, or on server restart .. or on mapchange

Gamble part:

cts can use commands: gamble (number of frags) and ,send (player name) (number of frags)

in the gamble player can lose all, win , or lose half ( draw)

I know this plugin is not hard to make,my friend had it on his server but he erased the server and forgot to backup the files

I searched the allied and found gamble and frag sistem but i cant combine them like this so i would really appreciate help :))


and allso amx commands for give frags and remove frags

and max frags has to be 150

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