Razer Blockmaker V8.03 by ofiro


Version 8.03

By ofiro

latest Update: 1.10.2011

Original date: 2.5.2011

Latest version: v8.03

By: ofiro

The blockmaker most have this mode to work :

Hidenseek By Exolent

Hidenseek Xp By Exolent

Need To Disable the Mode Deathbones.amxx

  • A new blockmaker with more blocks and more options .

  • More properties, on any block.


  • Music Block

  • Magic Carpect with repsawn timer

  • All Weapons

  • Properties


  • My self for makin this bm .

  • original shaadez blockmaker

  • igz for the models and spirtes

  • Post here if you want any Request for the bm.


  • install all the models , sound and spirets

- Have Fun Buildin

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Orignal From: Razer Blockmaker V8.03 by ofiro


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