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This is a plugin i made for our servers to have single instances of every gun that spawns in versus instead of infinite. The reason i made it is that i didn't find anything that did what i wanted, so please let me know if there is something like that already.

I'm posting it here in case someone else has a use for it too, but also (since i'm new to this) to get some feedback from more experienced people about how to improve this plugin in any aspect and if there are possible conflicts with other plugins or the game mechanic itself, every constructive suggestion is welcome.

Besides many others, credits to this thread especially:



As i said already i made this plugin for our servers, so consider it as a rudimentary version at the moment. Until now it worked fine for us. If there is interest, i'll add more functionality and/or configuration options to it. This means keep a few things in mind when using it, like the following:

- This plugin is made for versus, but it works in all game modes at the moment, there's no game mode check yet. It's much easier to achieve what this plugin does in non-competitive game modes in a different way though.

- Since all gun spawns will be single guns, you will usually only have 2 or 3 guns in the saferooms. I solved this by adding extra gun spawns to saferooms with stripper. I can upload my stripper configs aswell if there is a need for them.

- It has no cvars to control it in any way yet.


On every round start after a certain delay (10 seconds at the moment due to compatibility with other plugins that modify weapon spawns) it will replace all found gun spawns with single instances of guns. During that delay the survivor bots will be set inactive and the use button will be blocked to prevent early pickup. The survivor bots will be set inactive until only one person is still in the loading process (like after a map change), but for a maximum of 60 seconds.

Plans (if there's request for it)

- Add cvars to control the plugin and check the version

- Add a game mode check

- Make it work together with the gun control plugin (http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1020236)

I hope i didn't forget to mention anything, just ask if something is not clear enough.

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