Force HTML MOTDs (v1.0.1)


  • This plugin will prevent players from playing on your server (by forcing them into spectate and preventing team changes) as long as their cl_disablehtmlmotd cvar is set to anything other than 0.

  • Designed for Counter-Strike: Source as clients who have this cvar enabled will not see any motd information upon connecting (mainly due to motd_text.txt not working properly). For communities that display all of their rules and general information in their MOTD, this poses a minor issue.

    • Once the client sets their cl_disablehtmlmotd cvar to 0, the motd will be redisplayed and they'll be allowed to join a team.


  • sm_force_html_motd_enable: Enables/disables all features of the plugin.

  • sm_force_html_motd_rate: How often the query runs to check client cvar values.

  • Place sm_force_html_motd.smx inside of /sourcemod/plugins/

  • Place sm_force_html_motd.phrases.txt of /sourcemod/translations/

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