[CS:S] Hit Mod [For Jailbreak Servers]

[CS:S] Hit Mod [For Jailbreak Servers]:

This mod is for Jailbreak servers. It allows Ts (for $16,000) to place a Hit on another fellow T (only one hit per round). Once a hit has been placed everyone but the soon-to-be-dead T gets a message in chat. All Ts are able to damage the targeted T (he/she can't do damage back to other Ts). Knife damage is 1 per left click and 3 per right click. Guns do regular damage. If a T kills the targeted T he/she gets $10,000. If the targeted T survives the round he/she gets $5,000.



sm_hitmod_enabled "1"

sm_hitmod_place "16000"

sm_hitmod_kill "10000"

sm_hitmod_survive "5000"


Installation is simple just configure the .sp then compile. Add the .smx and translation files to your sourcemod/plugins - sourcemod/translations folders and your done.




This is a custom paid plugin made for me by Zephyrus. He has given me permission to post this.

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