[CS:S] Dodgeball (v1.0.6)


  • SDKHooks v2.x or higher

  • Sourcemod v1.4.x or higher


  • To my knowledge, the only Dodgeball script that was public rests in EventScripts. A few months ago someone requested a port, and I may have gone a tad overboard. In any case, may as well release this script while I'm at it!

  • Currently, the internal spawning system for the plugin is broken. Under no circumstances should you use css_dodgeball_spawning_ignore and it is with great caution should you use any of the other spawning cvars. When I have the time I'll debug the issue and properly fix it.


  • It's classic Dodgeball gameplay. You throw flashbangs at each other and hope they hit.

  • Ability to change the delay for re-arming players after throwing a ball.

  • Set a specific number of bounces a grenade can have, and set a maximum number of seconds a ball can survive.

  • Support for modifying the following: player's health, ball's damage, ability to knife, damage for left/right/back stabs.

  • Support for disabling the following: suicide, falling damage, damage from any source other than dodgeball, and objectives.

  • Support for stripping players on their spawn and on their death to prevent unnecessary equipment from appearing.

  • Randomly scramble teams; ensure there's always enough spawn points; ensure teams are always even-ish.

  • Integrated anti-afk support; players who are hit x times without moving are thrown into spectate.

  • Integrated spawning support - currently broken, use at your own risk.

  • Integrated spawn protection support - coming soon!


  • /sourcemod/plugins/css_dodgeball.smx

  • /sourcemod/scripting/css_dodgeball.sp

  • /sourcemod/translations/css_dodgeball.phrases.txt

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