[Bug Report] Check map config doesn't work on initial server booting!

Pretty much the above. Discussed this with Asherkin and we brainstormed cause I knew I wasn't crazy. Basically a race condition where OnMapStart gets executed before the config files get loaded. Chat below.


7:50 PM - Jouva Moufette: I think I know the issue of why checkmap wasn't working for tfdodgeball

7:50 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: shoot

7:50 PM - Jouva Moufette: The code right now checks if it's not got tfdb in it, and sets it to false

7:50 PM - Jouva Moufette: But there's no EXPLICIT setting of the variable to true

7:51 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: there is in OnMapEnd

7:51 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: unless you have enabled set to false in your cfg files, that should work fine

7:52 PM - Jouva Moufette: I think I needed to because the first map had it enabled somehow

7:52 PM - Jouva Moufette: Unless explicitly setting it to enabled before setting checkmap to enabled fucks this up

7:52 PM - Jouva Moufette: I'll go check this out

7:55 PM - Jouva Moufette: "sm_dodgeball_enabled" = "1" min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000


hostname: August4th.org SuperUnSerious TF2 Server

version : 4743 secure

udp/ip : (public ip:

account : logged in

map : koth_viaduct_event at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z

players : 0 (25 max)

7:56 PM - Jouva Moufette: And checkmap is 1

7:56 PM - Jouva Moufette: And I didn't touch enabled in the config

7:57 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: is that from a fresh server start?

7:57 PM - Jouva Moufette: yes

7:57 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: file zee bug report!

7:57 PM - Jouva Moufette: And I greped the configs

7:57 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: (the whole checkmap thing is balls anyway)

7:57 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: feel free to just paste this whole chat in the post in spoiler tags

7:58 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: I'll just forget it if there isn't a thread

7:58 PM - Jouva Moufette: Plugin loading on a fresh server start does OnPluginStart then OnMapStart right?

7:58 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: yeah

7:58 PM - Jouva Moufette: Hmmm.

7:59 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: then configs are executed

7:59 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: ah

7:59 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: thats it

7:59 PM - Jouva Moufette: Ohhhhh

7:59 PM - Jouva Moufette: yeah

7:59 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: if you have enabled set in any config file = fucked

7:59 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: I can work around this

7:59 PM - :MIB: Asherkin: just, post a thread :P

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