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Not work on some maps. On large maps snow less intense. Snow is everywhere (in the buildings, too)

This is the final version.

Two different script:

1) snowfall.sp Uses one func_precipitation, for the entire map.

2) n_snow.sp Uses (xcout x ycout) env_smokestack's for the entire map.

snowmaps.txt -> addons\sourcemod\configs\snowmaps.txt

origin0 - x

origin1 -y

origin2 - z

- The coordinates of the point of the mid-palate. This will work if the skybox cube-shaped. The script divides the sky into sections the size (xcout x ycout) and creates in each section of this matrix is ​​a env_smokestack. The point z must be slightly below the upper limit of the sky. The points x and y must be within the skybox. The number of particles is limited to 256 for all env_smokestack together. It's means that the snow will be saturated only on small maps.

I highly recommend these settings: xcout = 2 ycout = 2

Unfortunately both of these scripts are working horribly in consequence of restrictions in the source engine.

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