[ANY] AllChat (aka DeadChat or ChatAllTalk)


This plugin allows dead players using chat to communicate with alive players. Plugin just duplicates the messages to players who can not see it because of the death or other game restrictions, so no hidden admin messages, messages of muted users, or similar things that would not normally be visible in chat will ever be exposed. By default it will read sv_alltalk as it's enable cvar. You can use the override cvar to enable or disable the plugin regardless of sv_alltalk (see below). Alive players will see exactly what the dead players see as far as chat msgs go. The relayed messages are exactly identical to the standard and the clients language is taken into account (unlike some already availalable plugins offering deadchat). Actually, they are the standard messages, as the plugin triggers the localized phrases on the client, rather than trying to format the messages itself.

  • Dead players and spectators can chat with the living players.

  • Team-only messages remain team-only (if from a dead player, visible to his dead/alive team).

  • Message formatting and prefixes (Terrorist, Spectator, etc.) completely identical to standard, supporting all client languages.

Supported Games:
  • OrangeBox engine based (CS:S, DOD:S, TF2 and ect).

  • Any (if SayText2 user messages is supported).

  • SourceMod v1.3 or above.

  • Updater if you want to receive plugin updates automatically.

  • Add allchat.smx to your plugins directory: ../addons/sourcemod/plugins/allchat.smx

  • sm_allchat_mode <0|1|2> - Players can see all chat messages without dead restrictions.
    • 0 = No. Standard behavior.

    • 1 = Yes. Players will see all chat messages.

    • 2 = Yes. Players will see all messages if sv_alltalk is enabled. *Default

  • 1.0.0 (November 10th 2011) - Initial release.

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