!zspawn Problem

I need it to allow players to use !zspawn to spawn late into the game (dependant on mother zombie) and have the ability to use !zspawn after they die as a zombie or human (suicide).

Currently players that join late into the game, always respawn as a human even after the mother zombie has spawned. I want them to respawn as a human before a mother zombie spawn, and a zombie after the mother zombie has spawned.

Also I cnt figure out how to let players use !zspawn when they die, it just gives me a message in chat saying:

ZSpawn can only be used if you joined late during a round in progress.

Here are my .cfg for zspawn and respawn:

PHP Code:

// Respawn (module)
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Respawn players after death. [Recommended: (Enable) zr_zspawn*]
// Default: "0"
zr_respawn "0"

// Time after death to delay player respawn. [Dependency: zr_respawn]
// Default: "1"
zr_respawn_delay "0"

// Respawn player as a zombie. [Dependency: zr_respawn]
// Default: "1"
zr_respawn_team_zombie "1"

// Respawn player as a zombie if player was killed by the world. [Override: zr_respawn_team _zombie]
// Default: "1"
zr_respawn_team_zombie_world "1" 

PHP Code:

// ZSpawn (module)
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Allow players to spawn into the game late.
// Default: "1"
zr_zspawn "1"

// Override spawn team when spawning by means of ZSpawn.
// Default: "1"
zr_zspawn_team_override "1"

// Spawn player on zombie team when spawning by means of ZSpawn. [Dependency: zr_zspawn_team_override | Override: zr_respawn_team_zombie]
// Default: "0"
zr_zspawn_team_zombie "0"

// Block players disconnecting and rejoing the ga me using zspawn.
// Default: "1"
zr_zspawn_block_rejoin "1"

// Put a time limit on the use of ZSpawn.
// Default: "1"
zr_zspawn_timelimit "0"

// Time from the start of the round to allow ZSpawn. [Dependency: zr_zspawn_timelimit]
// Default: "120.0"
zr_zspawn_timelimit_time "0" 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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