TF2 Halloween Update (special note for server admins)

Click post title for more detailshasn't happened yet.

However, it has been announced that it will come out next week. Likely on a Thursday, because that's Valve's usual day for major updates.

The hlds mailing lists had a special note for server admins:


Originally Posted by Jon Lippincott

We're going to be launching some new Halloween content in the near future and wanted to give you all a quick heads-up. There will be random gift drops, but this year we are requiring that participants register their servers. If you choose not to register, you can still run the Halloween maps, but no gifts will drop on your server. By registering, your server will also be included in matchmaking, which will potentially drive traffic to you. Note that cheating or otherwise abusing the gift drop system will result in losing your registration, access to gift drops and other potential value-adds in the future.

You still have plenty of time, as this change won't be going live until next week. Registration is quick and simple, and is outlined here<>.

Edit: This used to say Thanksgiving Update, which was a joke from someone on my server about how "next week" Valve time will be a month away. Corrected it now.

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