[L4D2] Ammo Pickup

[L4D2] Ammo Pickup

This plugin enables picking up ammo for the M60 and grenade launcher. Simple.

To set how much reserve ammo m60 and grenade launcher have use the following in server.cfg:

sm_cvar ammo_grenadelauncher_max reserve ammo
sm_cvar ammo_m60_max reserve ammo


sm_cvar ammo_grenadelauncher_max 50 //Allows a total of 51 grenades for a grenade launcher
sm_cvar ammo_m60_max 450 //Allows a total of 600 bullets for m60

Requires SourceMod 1.4 So wont compile on the forums, so download the smx or compile locally using 1.4

Q:Why does this require 1.4?
A:There is a fix for unsigned props.

Q:The M60 disappears when i run out of the current clip!!!!!!!!!!!111one
A: Use this extension: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthr...50#post1577050

psychonic for all his explaining of m_iAmmo and bunch of other stuff.

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