"/getadmin" command

A /getadmin (!admin and sm_getadmin as well) command that would open a specified link into the MOTD Panel.

I was thinking something along the lines of this;


#include <sourcemod>

#include <cstrike>

public Plugin:myinfo =


        name = "Get Admin Command",

        author = "Lissa",

        description = "Lets players open an admin purcasing panel",

        version = "1.00",

        url = "www.google.com"


public OnPluginStart()


        RegConsoleCmd("getadmin", ConsoleCmd);

        RegConsoleCmd("sm_getadmin", ConsoleCmd);

        RegConsoleCmd("say getadmin", ConsoleCmd);


public Action:ConsoleCmd(client, args)


        ShowMOTDPanel(client, "Admin Purchases", "http://google.com", MOTDPANEL_TYPE_URL);

        return Plugin_Handled;


But also some sort of cfg to determine what link, what page title, and if possible, the specified command (i.e. I could change the command to /buyadmin through use of a cvar).

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