Can't get fakeclient to spawn in CS:S

Ok so I have finally hit a wall and I am forced to ask a question.

I am trying to basically create a puppet that can be moved about using the default PlayerRunCommand() logic. I originally was superceding PlayerRunCommand() on a default CS:S bot but I need to be able to use the PlayerRunCommand() without it executing all of the bot's AI. So I have switched to creating a fakeclient which I am hoping has the same logic in its PlayerRunCommand() as a CSSPlayer.

So far my code looks like this:

PHP Code:

// Called when I want to add one of these puppets
edict_t *pEntity engine->CreateFakeClientbotname );

void BotPlugin::Hook_ClientActive(edict_t *pEntitybool bLoadGame)
META_LOG(g_PLAPI"SUCCESS: ClientActive() called\n");

CBasePlayer *pPlayer dynamic_castCBasePlayer * >(  ;CBaseEntity::InstancepEntity ) );

pPlayer->AllowInstantSpawn(); // I'm not sure this is actually doing anything
engine->ClientCommand(pPlayer->edict(), "joinclass 0");

    if (
// Currently this is what I am doing but I have tried all of the commented out ones below as well.
RoundRespawn(); //  ;I sigscan for this and call it in this function I'm not sure if my signature is correct
        /* void CCSPlayer::RoundRespawn( void );
            "83 EC 14 53 56 8B F1 8B 0D ? ? ? ? 33 DB"

        //SH_MCALL(pPlayer, MHook_InitialSpawn)();
        //SH_MCALL(pPlayer, MHook_Spawn)();
        //SH_MCALL(pPlayer, MHook_Respawn)();
       ;  //SH_MCALL(pPlayer, MHook_ForceRespawn)();


This gets the client into the server and onto a team but he stays dead on that team. I'm not sure if his class is selected or not.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Those are all manual hooks from the vtable offsets at

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