CS 1.6 C4man with fun 1.2

C4man with fun 1.2

Hello,this is my first plugin
when player switch their weapon to c4
he will become invisible ,move slowly,,no footstep sound,and 3rdview

say /shadow
  • (trun shadow on/off)

amx_C4man <0/1>
  • (Plugin on/off,Default:1)
amx_C4man3rd <0/1>
  • (3rdview,Default:1)
amx_C4mannofs <0/1>
  • (nofootstep,Default:1)
amx_C4manvisible <Num>
  • (how visible?Default:15)(1= Totaly Invis,255= Totaly Vis)
amx_C4mansp <Num>
  • (C4man movespeed,Default:150)
1.2 - Add Commands /shadow to turn shadow on/off,updata lang file
1.1 - make lang.txt,check event is_user_connect
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